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Navigation & Measurement

Focus on the direction and results

Combining the GPS Technology with LILLIPUT's Monitor and Control platform is a great solution in Navigation and Measurement area, LILLIPUT's Monitor and Control platforms are widely used in In-vehicle navigation equipment, Radar system, GPS navigation system, Sonar system, etc.

Entertainment & Media Player

Energise lives with the power of Entertainment and Relaxing

LILLIPUT's Entertainment and Multi-media Platforms are used broadly in In-vehicle multimedia entertainment system, Home multimedia entertainment system, In-vehicle advertisement terminal, Premises advertising, Public outdoor advertising etc.

Data Acquisition & Analysis

Record important data without fear of an attack from the rear

At LILLIPUT, we work with you to provide a better feeling of reading and querying information for the end customers in different terminals such as hospital information query and display terminal, Financial information query and display terminal, Military information query and display terminal, etc.

Network & Communication

Linking people, bridging business and connecting life

LILLIPUT combined the wired and wireless networks functions with LILLIPUT's embedded platforms, to provide better solution, it is widely used in In-vehicle communication system, Vehicle internet System, Smart home network system, Remote education system, Call system, Remote diagnosis and care monitoring, etc.

Monitor & Control

Monitor & Control your spot any time and any where

LILLIPUT's embedded solutions provide customers with real-time, consistent and reliable control over household, commercial as well as industrial occasions, which includes the applications such as industrial field process control, equipment & machinery, transportation control, home automation, environment & energy management, etc.

Digital Signage & Info Display

Create fascinating Touch & Display experience

At LILLIPUT, we work with you to provide the end users with great experience in data and information display in various industry applications such as commercial kiosk, health care, media & commercial, financial institute, municipal & government service as well as community & entertainment service.

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Products Mobile Data Terminal
7-8 inches 9.7 inches
Industrial Panel PC
7 inches 10.4-15 Inches
UART Display Module
Technologies Embedded System Design Video & Imaging Wireless & Network IOT Sensing Technology Digital Signal Processing Software Programming
Services OEM & ODM Services TQM System Quality Test Process Certification Driver Download
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