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LILLIPUT specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of custom solutions for a variety of markets. LILLIPUT's engineering team will provide insightful design and engineering services that include:

  • Requirement Analysis

    Functional requirements
    Hardware test-bed evaluation
    Schematic diagram design

  • Mainboard Design-in

    PCB Design
    Pcb board design improving
    Board system design improving & debugging

  • Platform Support

    Operational process of application software
    OS customizing & transportation
    Driver programming
    Software test &alteration
    System test

  • Custom Housing

    Structure mould design & confirmation
    Mould sample confirmation

  • Packing Specifications

    Operation manual
    Package design

Note: The whole process usually lasts 9 weeks, The length of each period varies from case to case.Due to varying complexity.

For additional information please contact us at 0086-596-2109323, or email us at E-mail: sales@lilliput.com

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Industrial Panel PC
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UART Display Module
Technologies Embedded System Design Video & Imaging Wireless & Network IOT Sensing Technology Digital Signal Processing Software Programming
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