LILLIPUT A11 10.1 10.1" 4K Camera Monitor with 4K HDMI and 3G-SDI
2019/9/24 17:49:20


A11, matches with world-famous 4K / FHD camera brands, to assist cameraman in better photography experience for variety of applications, i.e. filming on site, broadcast live action, making movies and post-production, etc.



Creatively integrated the 1920×1200 native resolution into a 10.1 inch 8 bit LCD panel, which is far beyond from retina identification. Features with 1000:1, 320 cd/m2 brightness & 175° WVA; With full lamination technology, see every detail in massive FHD visual quality.


HDMI 1.4b supports 4K 30Hz signal input, 3G-SDI supports 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI signal inputs. Universal VGA port can also meet different usage environment.


Adopt the unique Glass+Glass technology to smooth the appearance of its body and hold the widest view in order to achieve the best effect under the auxiliary function among the camera kits,



A11 provides plenty of auxiliary functions for taking photos and making movies,  such as peaking, false color and audio level meter.



Battery F-series Plate Bracket


VESA 75mm mount design allows A11 to power up with a external SONY F-series battery on its back. F970 can work continuously for more than 4 hours. Optional V-lock mount and Anton Bauer mount are also compatible with.





F1&F2 user-definable buttons to custom auxiliary functions as shortcut, such as peaking, underscan and checkfield. Use the Dial to select and adjust the value among of sharpness, saturation, tint and volume, etc.


INPUT button. Single press to power on, or switch signals; Long press to power off.



Multi Angle Mounting Type

Support multi-angled 1/4 inch screw holes, VESA 75mm and gimbal brackets so that photographer can find the most proper mounting method regardless of shooting angle.

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