LILLIPUT Signal Generater SG-12G
2019/6/19 9:32:26



Pattern Measurement


To test color temperature and gray scale of monitor with various types of patterns, such as color bar, monochrome display and customized pictures. 


Preset & importable patterns


Custom : Free to create any color picture, based on two differenet color space -- RGB or YCbCr.


Picture :  Built-in a plenty of preset patterns, and user-definable pictures imported to the generator to meet various test requirements.


Signal Compatibility


Supports SD, HD, 3G, 6G and 12G-SDI signals; SDI and Fiber signals up to 4K 60Hz. SDI conversion among of different link structures, SQ and 2SI. 


Mode Options : Selection among of 12G-SDI/6G-SDI/3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI signal formats.


Raster Options : Different resolutions options corresponding to different Modes.


Refresh Options : Different Raster rates corresponding to different Modes & Raster.


Sampling Options : Different GBR & YCbCr sampling rates based on the above options.




Audio Monitoring


A comprehensive audio monitoring tool supprots up to 16 channels embedded AES/EBU audio, with -60dB to 0dB range. And a 20 to 20000 frequency.


Channel Options : 16-channel SDI audio ranges from CH0 to CH15 for optional. 


Switch Options : Off, On, All Off and All On are optional for 16-channel audio switch.


Phase Options : Options among of 0, 90, 180 and 270 for phase.


Frequency Options : Freq options can be customized from 20 to 20000 byusers.


DB(-) Options : Freq options can be customized from -60bB to 0dB by users.





Ring Type  : Ring type for optional under Overlay function.


Frame Counter Type : Frame counter type for optional under Overlay function. 


Character Type : Character type for optional under Overlay function. Text input will be displayed based on the specific X and Y axis that can be preset.


Ref In : Ref In used for frame synchronization to ensure input & output frames simultaneously.




Time Code : Supports Linear time code(LTC) and Vertical interval time code(VITC). 




Ring Type : Ring type for optional under Overlay function



FN (Shortcut)


User-definable functions as shortcuts with great convenience.  


Function Shortcut  : Supports more than one hundred shortcut functions.For time-saving and high efficient when testing, users can manage shortcut functions through Add, Del, Replace and Output operations.




12G-SFP OUT : Support 12G-SDI fiber signals (Optional Module).


12G-SDI output×2 : It supports single/dual/quad-link signal outputs, and backward compatible with 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI & SD-SDI signals. 


3G-SDI output×2 : It supports 3G-SDI signal outputs, and backward compatible with HD-SDI & SD-SDI signals.


USB : USB used for external devices, such as USB flash disk, mouse and keyboard, etc.







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