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Home energy mangament system (HEMS) is a home energy control and management center. It communicate with electricity meter to get power data, set & automatically control temperature, lighting and other household appliances, show the energy consumption and associated information, and integrate gateway function for being the access entrance of multiple platforms (PC, mobile). HEMS can optimize home energy consumption, and create a more environmentally friendly and convenient household environment.


LILLIPUT HEMS Hardware solutions consist of embedded computer control terminal, color touch screen, high-performance CPU, wireless sensor modules. It connects with smart meters, lighting control systems, temperature control systems and home appliances system. It can display detailed information of each node device in each system and control it. Users can pre-set the operational status of entire HAN in four time period (awake, leave, home, sleep) within a week.


Home energy mangament system


  • Visually show real-time data information through color touch screen;
  • Highly integration program, stable performance;
  • Multi-tasking properties allows users to simultaneously monitor and control for multiple systems;
  • ZigBee home network realizes the transmission and control of wireless interactive information, and solve the complicated wiring problem to simplify the connection among household devices;
  • User-friendly interface, rich data, graphical analysis tool, allowing abstract data becomes intuitive;
  • Use relatively independent database system to sort the data of different devices by classified. So it can provide a guarantee for the subsequent analysis, and update the setting in real time;
  • Providing data interfaces to compatible with mainstream personal devices and software platform;
  • Rich sensors can help to form a multi-functional smart home systems together with smart energy control center.
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