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UART Led Display Modules 

32-bit 400MHz frequency CPU;
64MB DDR2, Flash 512MB;
Support TFT 16bpp RGB standard connection;
Support 8×8 keyboard;
Support RTC Real-time Clock;
Support USB and TF card for upgrade and data download;
Support 4-wire resistance touch;
Support keyboard buzzer;
Support several fonts and own build up vocabularies;
Support OEM & ODM services.

Design for full duplex UART interface, support RS-232/RS-485(maximun Baud rate 115, 200bps), UART(maximun Baud rate is 921,600bps). Internal software is designed for easy operation and complete PC editing. It is convenient to save time and money for engineer or developer to edit image and UI, etc.

  • No need for complicated operating system;
  • No need for expensive CPU hardware structure;
  • Easily to replace STN, physical key and meter;
  • No need to compile complex GUI program;
  • Simply communicate through UART(115,200Bps);
  • Providing free development tool;
  • Panel size: 4.3"~10.4".

UART Communication:

Product Details


  • Wire tester
  • Communications equipment
  • Instrument & meter
  • Car audio-visual
  • Industrial equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Manipulator controller
  • Consumption electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • POS
  • Electricity, Power Controller Device
  • Visual Communication
  • Injection Machine


Mainboard Size (optional) Resolution Brightness Aspect Ratio Touch Panel
32-bit 400MHz CPU
512MB Flash
4.3" 480 x 272 500cd/m² 16:9 4-wire resistive
5" 800 x 480 400cd/m² 16:9 4-wire resistive
7" 800 x 480 450cd/m² 16:9 4-wire resistive
8" 800 x 600 250cd/m² 4:3 4-wire resistive
9.7" 1024 x 768 420cd/m² 4:3 5-wire resistive
10.1" 1024 x 600 250cd/m² 16:9 4-wire resistive
10.4" 800 x 600 250cd/m² 4:3 4-wire resistive
1. RS232 DB9+DC cable (7Pin 15cm)
2. RS485 male (7Pin)
3. TTL flat cable (10Pin 10cm, Lead Pitch: 0.5cm)
4. Mini USB cable
5. 12V DC adapter 
6. Touch pen
7. CD Drive
8. Manual
9. I/O control cable (16Pin) (optional)
10. Micro SD (TF) card (optional)
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